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Jerry Montgomery

Jerry Montgomery Ph.D.

Is this a BLOG?    NO!

In this site I will address several issues I have thought about over the years and introduce ideas about new ways of doing things such as a possible way to accelerate neutrons, a new method for propel spaceships in space, that just as the water in oceans came from comet but methane hydrate found at the bottom of the oceans possible also came from comets, plus expand on several physical and geophysical concepts.

Every now and again I would have a small flash and write some of my thought down.
  Some of it will enlighten you,
    some things will teach you further about physics,
      some things are about geophysics, geology, or anything,

Most is simple enough for everyone,
  however, some is complex enough for fellow physicists,
          some parts are clarifying,
       some things are important,
                   some are funny,
                      some are dull,
     some are incomplete,
and some are just there.

When I started, many years ago, the plans was to ultimately write a book.
So sometime this may reads more like a book, sometimes you will read a rough draft and sometimes you may even read a rambling (fortunately not often but beware).

Now we have the Internet, so I decided to put this out there for anyone can read it. I am not interested in making money from this, I only want to leave something that might help others.

You can read one chapter or all of them. There was no over all endeavor to join everything up other than to say itís physics and itís me.