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My wife taught me more about time and relativity than all the physics classes I have taken on relativity. How can this be? Let me explain. My wife and I work on different internal clocks, and that rate of difference is not always the same.

When we work on projects, I always finish first, she finishes second because she works with deliberation. When we go into a museum, it take me about half the time to look at all the exhibits as it does my wife. If we need to hurry in the car my wife drives because for some reason she gets there faster than I do. So we seem at times to be operating in two time continuum and yet when we talk, we are operating in the same time. So we both operate in at least two time continua at once. Now add kids to the equation and we operate in several time continua all at the same time.

What does this have to do with gravity, relativity, and time you ask? More than you might think.

I have a friend, Phil, who has developed an idea that would seem to indicate that time is relative to acceleration or the strength of the force on the object and not to velocity with respect to c. In a way this seems very plausible because in open space how fast is anything moving. If it is impossible to tell true velocity or even relative velocity in open space, how possible is it, to know the true progression or rate of time? If checked light is still moving away at the same speed in all directions. So is it illogical to think time is a function of velocity alone?

In open space everything is moving away from all points and when you compare, everything is moving away from all points at the same speed in all directions. Thus, time in open space must be the same everywhere when there is no acceleration, or?

This text is not intended to provide the answers, it is designed to generate more questions than answers, and hopefully that it will stimulate you to try and find those answers. Remember, in order to have an answer, there must first be a question. When learning physics, I was always taught that the questions were more important than the answers. Why? Well as already stated, without a question there can be no answer, but even more important, only the right question will lead eventually to the right answer. Wrong questions can lead down blind paths.

To clarify there are two basic types of artists in the world, the artistic painters and the artistic sculptures. Painters look at their subject from one side and the sculptures look at their subject from all sides. This is true for all fields and even more true for researchers, whether amateur or professional.

I hope above all, as you read this you will think like an artistic sculpture.

I have tried to compile and present some of the interesting and sometimes even obscure experiments relating and interrelating to gravity, mass, motion, space and time. All this will lead to the original study of physics, gravity. Some of these are the results of experiments performed by veteran scientist, other by armatures, some by inventors, a few by accident, and finally some even institutions sponsored by governments.

Gravity. What was the first anti-gravity machine? The lever.

Above all you need to comprehend that the study of gravity is similar to the story of the blind men examining an elephant. The one feeling the tail thinks an elephant is like a rope, the one feeling the trunk thinks an elephant is like a snake, the one feeling a leg thinks an elephant is like a tree, and the one feeling the ear thinks an elephant is like a large leaf. They are all right and they are all wrong. In reality it takes them all to discover the true elephant.

Gravity is our elephant.

It is hoped that this work will provide those who are interested in gravity a foundation from which to operate or a place from where to start. There is no guarantee that all these experiments are relevant but from our current perspective we cannot tell what may or may not be important. So my admonition is to look for the nuggets and hopefully you may be the first one to see the real elephant.